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How to Make Your Goals Stick in 2019

Posted by Leona on 28th Dec 2018

With 2019 around the corner, I thought I’d like to take you through a few different ways you can set goals for 2019 - and make them stick. I’ve created a quick video that will take you through why we use goals, why they are important, and how goal setting works. There’s also a hot tip to super charge your goal getting. Why do we use goals? Goals are a great strategy and planning tool that help you to move you from one place to another. In it’s simplest form, goals mapping out your steps in
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Organising your Workspace for Productivity

26th May 2018

Whether you're a 9-to-9 Executive or a part time work from home-er, having a work space that allows you to be as creative and focused as you want to be is a vital part of your efficiency. You’ll find a myriad of articles around the web on setting out your workspace, but if you don’t have time to feng shui your study zone, we’ve outlined some hot tips to get your started and remind you that an organised and refined workspace will add to the value of your day.Hot Tips for Organising Your Work
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Scratch & Jotter | Winter 18 Look Book

Posted by Leona on 18th May 2018

Oh hey, Thank you for having a looksie through our stationery look book.  I can only assume that since you're here, you're a *glances left and right*, stationery addict.  Well ... you my dear friend, are so very welcome here. Enjoy

Mother's Day Gift Edit | The Woman is a Saint

Posted by Leona on 23rd Apr 2018

I'd like to take a but moment to talk with you about Mothers. We all have one. And it's time we broached the subject. Let's be Honest about MothersFollowing is a list of 100% science-based #mumfacts that will help you decide whether or not your Mum is deserving of an amazing gift to celebrate her day.#mumfact1: The woman is a saint and has been putting up with your nonsense for years.#mumfact2:  You've definitely driven her spare to the point where she HAS thought about leaving you in
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Benefits of Using A Bullet Journal

Posted by Leona on 17th Apr 2018

Time management can be hard for all of us and using tools to help us stay on track is definitely the way to go.The Bullet Journal system offers a plethora ways to organise your time and manage it effectively; you can use this system to map your entire week and individual day, keep a future log, track your priorities, track your habits through and keep a daily gratitude journal. Productivity levels vary from day to day for all of us and keeping a Bullet Journal to help you stay on
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