2022 Diaries & Planner Collection

2022 Diaries & Planner Collection

12 Oct, 2021

Have you got big plans for 2022?

Can you imagine what the world would look like without our planners or diaries? Luckily we don't have to.

We're so excited to be launching the Scratch & Jotter 2022 Diaries & Planners collection for you.

We know you're going to love our elegant edit of dated diaries, planners and calendars designed to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to. And we have the perfect planner for your working styles.


We've put together this edit of beautiful, inspiring planners and diaries to help you decide which planner will be right for you.  Scroll through our top picks just for you.


You can shop the full range of 2022 diaries and planners here:


For the Dreamy Creative

These planners are designed to provide the perfect backdrop for your creative vision.


Whether you're an interior designer, graphic designer or an artistic soul, these calendars and diaries will appeal to your creative eye and help bring your vision to life. 


For the Organised Thinker

I think we know your secret. We've learned that you're someone who appreciates structure, with a little bit of guidance on the side. You love ticking things off of your list, but what really lights you up is creating your weeks with intention.


So whether you are planning world domination, or wanting to make sure you don't forget anything, these planners will help you design and thrive through your weeks.

Getting Things Done with our Doers

You have dreams, you have plans and now you just need to map those bad boys out and you can go out there and get after it.  We're big fans of those people (YOU) who can visualise where they want to be and work at it with a single minded determination. 


These planners will help you to structure your vision so you can harness that drive and perserverance to make your dreams a reality. We bow at your feet and we're here for it.


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