Benefits of Using A Bullet Journal

Published by Leona on 17 Apr, 2018

Time management can be hard for all of us and using tools to help us stay on track is definitely the way to go.

The Bullet Journal system offers a plethora ways to organise your time and manage it effectively; you can use this system to map your entire week and individual day, keep a future log, track your priorities, track your habits through and keep a daily gratitude journal. 

Productivity levels vary from day to day for all of us and keeping a Bullet Journal to help you stay on track is an excellent way to increase your productivity, it even inspires organisation and creativeness.

We’ve outlined below a few of the favourite benefits we've received and you will too, from using the Bullet Journal method.

1. Keeps you more organised

Having a Bullet Journal can help you stay more organised and whilst it is a very obvious benefit, it certainly makes sense.

Having all of your appointments, meetings, deadlines and other relevant and important information in one place is the perfect way to stay on top of your day to day activities.

Whether you’d prefer to see your entire week in front of you, or what you need to achieve that day, the flexibility and customisability of a Bullet Journal System is going to suit whatever you need to keep yourself on track.

2. Helps you make more intentional choices

For many people seeing their routine written down and visible in one Journal empowers them to make better choices, intentional choices.

Writing down our goals and objectives and seeing them in front of us each day keeps us more accountable and definitely assists us with making more intentional decisions.

If you are a visual person, having a Bullet Journal is the perfect choice.

3. The feeling of accomplishment (We LOVE this feeling)!

One of the true benefits of keeping a Bullet Journal is the sense of completion and accomplishment that you get, whether it is each time you mark off a task or at the end of the week when you can see that everything on your list has been completed.

What a feeling! Not only does it inspire productivity, it keeps you focused on your to do list at all times, ensuring that you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment once completed.

4. A Bullet Journal makes ordinary tasks much more fun!

There are so many wonderful ways to use your Bullet Journal and using it as a gratitude journal is one of our favourites.

A gratitude journal is an excellent tool for forcing ourselves to look at the good things in life and gain new perspective of what is important to you and what you truly appreciate in your life.

Additionally, it helps you become more self-aware and shows you on paper what you should be focusing on in life.

Unexpected Benefits and So Much More

There are so many wonderful benefits, more than you expect, but you do have to go on the journey for yourself to find your own path, your own journal.

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