Building a Space to be Creative in.

Published by Leona on 14 Sep, 2016

We all want to be at our best when we're sitting down to create. 

Whether you're writing a novel, practicing your lettering, or creating a plan for your week; your space is highly influential on how productive, how focused and how creative you can be.  It's important to design a space where you can breathe and focus.

There are studies, guides and inspirational galleries littering the interwebs to help you to design your creative workspace.  

So we've collected some of our favourites, from local bloggers through to Suann Song - the designer of the Appointed range of Notebooks and Desk Accessories that could help you clear away some of the mind clutter.

Read below for our selections:

Tell us about what makes a creative workspace work for you? What can't you do with out?

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