How do you know when your planning is working for you?

How do you know when your planning is working for you?

Published by Leona on 25 Apr, 2019

There are eleventy billion ways to plan and get the most out of every day.

So how do you know when you’re onto a good thing? And when do you know to change things up?

It's important to take take time to recheck your head - not only look at what you're working on, but also how you're working to make sure that you're on the path. 

Anytime I feel like I'm in a rut, or that my planning is no longer helping me to stay motivated, I find that by asking myself the following questions helps me stay focused, and can reset my mind set. And I can tweak to re-align. 

Planning System Review Checklist

Does your planning and productivity help you to:

  • stay in your lane
  • get things done
  • see the bigger picture
  • follow through on short term & long term goals
  • continually improve

Cause if they do, then you’re onto a good thing, and consistency will reap big rewards… and I mean Pretty Woman shopping spree big.

Are you a Perfect Human? Skip this part if you are.

If you’re still finding your way, and want to look at how high functioning women get all the things done, I recommend you give the “A Day In Progress” podcast a listen.

Hosted by journalist and lifestyle blogger at A Girl in Progress, Emma Norris, the podcast seeks to understand how amazing women are levelling up their businesses through productivity and planning.

After listening to the first episode with Brooke Vulinovich, the inspiring mind behind Villa Management, I was inspired to try getting up at 5am and going to the gym. I felt amazing and like a super human until about 7pm, when I just wanted to lie on the floor and call my mummy.

It’s so important to find your flow and what works for you, so trying new ways to give yourself every opportunity to succeed is simply part of the continual improvement process. And although I only lasted one day (HA!), I am motivated to try two days next week... or maybe the week after. 

If you'd like to give structure to your planning, we offer a range of planners that can guide you through your productivity journey.

Planners Designed for Productivity

The Get to Work Book by Elise Blaha is designed for exactly that - to help you get to work. It has project planning, and monthly analysis that will guide you through keeping on top of your big stretchy goals.

Canvast Year Planner is the busy woman's sidekick.This planner is designed to help you manage multiple areas of your life, from goals to budget and motivation - it's not afraid to address all the areas of your busy life.

MiGoals Goals Desk Pad is absolute gold for those need to just focus on today today in front. My favourite part of this is the area designated for your hour of power.

ModernLife A5 Daily Notepad is a modern take on the daily to do list. With sections for daily goals as well as your to-do list - the pad is simplistic to give you focus.

Workshop& #SLAYTODAY Daily To Do Pad helps you manage all the things - who to email, call, and how to manage your day in a structured way to clear your mind for what matters.

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