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Published by Leona on 23 Apr, 2018

I'd like to take a but moment to talk with you about Mothers. We all have one. And it's time we broached the subject. 

Let's be Honest about Mothers

Following is a list of 100% science-based #mumfacts that will help you decide whether or not your Mum is deserving of an amazing gift to celebrate her day.

#mumfact1: The woman is a saint and has been putting up with your nonsense for years.

#mumfact2:  You've definitely driven her spare to the point where she HAS thought about leaving you in the car park on purpose.

#mumfact3: She has given you freely her most precious asset - her time.

#mumfact4: Having you changed her brain. Literally. Look it up. You did this to her!

In light of these startling truth bombs, we've compiled a number of lovely, stylish stationery and desk items that will go a small measure towards showing your mother how much you appreciate all she's done for you, and that you regret how much you've done to her.

You should probably get shopping before she hears you procrastinating and throws a thong like a boomerang to get you moving.

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