Organising your Workspace for Productivity

26 May, 2018

Whether you're a 9-to-9 Executive or a part time work from home-er, having a work space that allows you to be as creative and focused as you want to be is a vital part of your efficiency. 

You’ll find a myriad of articles around the web on setting out your workspace, but if you don’t have time to feng shui your study zone, we’ve outlined some hot tips to get your started and remind you that an organised and refined workspace will add to the value of your day.

Hot Tips for Organising Your Workspace for Productivity

Hot Tip #1 

Organising is really just thinking about what you are going to do before you do it. If you think about what work you will do in the your workspace and how YOU best work, you’ll have a head start on setting out your workspace for your own style of working.

Hot Tip #2

Reference documents on hand. How often have you gone to enter your details or needed that colour breakdown in Hex and then had to stop your work to go looking for where you have noted it down. We love a good cork board for this purpose. Keep anything you use regularly for reference within sight so you are not interrupting your work flow. No one wants their flow interrupted.

Hot Tip #3 

Organise your desk. Keep those things you use frequently; your favourite pen, pencil, highlighter or rubber stamp within reach, but not in the way of getting to other things.

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Hot Tip #4 

Have a look at your whole area. Having a dumping corner is a temporary solution cause that little bad boy will come back to stress you out and make you feel all fenced in when you need thinking space. Keep your bin close (but not too close) and if you no longer need it, bin it.

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