Taking a break (Feb 27 - March 17, 2018)

Published by Leona on 19 Feb, 2018

From Tuesday 27th February to 17th March, I will be taking a small break with the goal of becoming a better, more well-adjusted, well-rested person. We can live in hope, right? 

In my absence, the store will be managed by my Mum (Cheryl), so orders will still go out the door, albeit a bit slower.

We'll be running things via Facetime and email cause that's the kind of high-tech partnership we have.

Never fear though, my trusty side-kick Sanchez (below) will be around to keep the birds away and to tell everyone this is a quiet neighbourhood so the lovely Cheryl (AKA Granny) can concentrate on getting those orders out the door. 

Sanchez taking notes.

Sanchez on duty. "Take this down, mummy."

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