The incomparable Traveler's Notebook available at Scratch & Jotter

Published by Leona Skene on 26 Jun, 2015

We're so proud to have the Traveler's Notebook range of notebooks, inserts, refills and accessories in stock. 

For those of you who are unaware, the Traveler's Notebook is a cult favourite amongst writers, artists, poets, planners and organisers. 

It grows with you, the leather becomes well-travelled, the notebooks are your record of your travels and history.

It's flexible, you can use the inserts and accessories to customise your notebook. There are plain, lined and grid notebooks, weekly and monthly planners; there are even refills with different weights of paper.

You make it your own. Customise however you would like. Some people emboss the leather cover, others create their own beautiful inserts. The choice is completely yours, much like your journey. 

Even better, there is an amazing and inspiring community who love sharing their customisations, their journals, their stories and their art. The uninitiated could become happily trapped in a vortex of international creativity if they're not careful.

Search for #travelersnotebook #travelersnote #midorimornings on your social networks to get a glimpse of how amazing this community is. 

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