Why Your Next Team Member Should Be a Plant.

Why Your Next Team Member Should Be a Plant.

Published by Leona on 16 Feb, 2019

Plants and greenery are an important addition to your workspace. There’s papers and studies and science all about it. In short -

  1. They improve the air quality...that’s their job.
  2. They create good vibes and improve your head space - because science.
  3. They challenge you to be a grown up and keep them alive.

Along with the fact that working on Scratch & Jotter is a solitary pursuit, those were the reasons I selected Petunia the Peace Lily to be my next team member. I'm going to be honest, I’m not the best person to tell you why plants are a great hire for you. Mainly because I’m failing at #3.

So I asked someone whose little green personal assistant is thriving.

Yiota is the boss web designer, digital marketer and all round amazeballs human behind Ola Digital - but more than that, she also has managed to keep Frank, her Fiddle Leaf Fig alive and thriving . I spoke with her to get to the bottom of how Frank (pictured below) came to be an important member of her team.

Why did you decide to hire Frank for Ola Digital?

This is Frank. He works for Yiota from Ola Digital

The honest truth: ya girl was lonely! The no work colleague life gets a bit lonesome sometimes, but with a plant in the room I feel less alone. I am fully aware this makes me sound slightly (concerningly?) crazy but it's the truth! 

I love talking to Frank - yes he has a name - and just feel like at least there is something in the room that's alive and maybe listening to my random rambles. Other than the daddy long leg spiders but that's a whole other story...

How has Frank made a difference to your work space - both physically and mentally?

Not only does he brighten and liven up the space (quite literally) but he does make a beautiful focal point for my Instagram story backgrounds. True story! 

Whenever I come into my office, seeing my thriving little Frank literally puts a smile on my face every time, without fail. I like the responsibility of having to water him, because it reminds me to water myself too! What's that quote again.. humans are just houseplants with more complicated emotions? That's me!

What kind of plant is Frank?

Frank is a Fiddle Leaf Fig that I bought (saved) from Bunnings. I bought him when he was about... 40cm tall and now he's just over a metre high. He's a grower!

How in the heck do you manage to keep him alive?

No word of a lie: by talking to him and telling him how much I love him. I swear that's the secret! I water him small amounts most days, keep him next to a window with plenty of sunlight and make sure he feels loved every day. 

He went through a bit of a battle with some sort of leaf fungus issue, but the girls from @plantcreepers told me exactly how to get on top of the issue and he's thriving again. Did I wipe every single one of his leaves with two separate concoctions from Bunnings like a crazed plant lady, tears in my eyes with a concerned husband looking on? Yes I did - but now he's happy so it was worth it!

Thank you so much Yiota, you gorgeous human, for sharing your workspace, for introducing Frank and telling us how he adds a special something to your day.



Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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