Bullet Journaling

Time management is one of the more challenging obstacles we face in these busy times, and using tools to help us stay on track is definitely the way to go. If you know you’re the kind of person who needs a little help staying on track then joining the bullet journal posse might be the thing for you! Read more

A Bullet Journal can be the single source for all your lists – everything from mapping your week and individual day, keeping a future log, tracking your priorities and habits, through to keeping a daily gratitude journal. It can be as utilitarian or as creative as you like. That’s where the magic of bullet journaling really shines. If you are fresh member of the bullet journal gang then you’ll need to get two important things - a notebook or journal and an array of pens. Buying a high-quality notebook or journal is the most important step when it comes to bullet journalling. Whether you prefer a small A5 Notebook, the cult favourite Traveler’s Notebook or a hardcover journal, we have curated the perfect range to choose from.

If you’re a purist, we also stock the Official Bullet Journal – created by Leuchtturm1917 in collaboration with Ryder Carroll, the founder of the Bullet Journal system.

When it comes to choosing your pens, there is no golden rule as to what to use, but we’re partial to the more colourful styles. Personally, we think our Ferris Wheel Press fountain pens and their accompanying inks are perfect for bullet journaling, but any ballpoint or gel pen will work.

You also need to have a think about what you want to want to organise in your life. Do you want to use your bullet journal for studying? Maybe you are trying to keep track of your budget? Or you want to keep track of your daily tasks and goals. Bullet journals are the perfect way to keep track of things you want to organise.

Our gorgeous range of notebooks, journals, and workbooks are perfect for any bullet journal lover. Shop our full collection of bullet journals online from designer brands such as Leuchtturm1917 Appointed, Delfonics, and the Traveler’s Company Happy journaling.

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