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Daily Diary/Planner

A Daily Diary or Planner is a tool to help you keep a handle on your daily schedule. Managing your time and tasks throughout the day will help you get closer to achieving your goals.

If it is important for you to map out your day to give you that wonderful calm and organised feeling, then a daily diary or planner will really help you to feel on top of everything.

Day to Day Time Management

Some people use a digital calendar to supplement their daily diary. Some people, like myself, find that a digital diary doesn't give me that same sense of calm and organisation. However you manage your time and your day, a paper daily diary or planner is an asset to your ability to get things done.

Designer Daily Diary Brands

Shop for your daily diary and planner from designer brands Appointed, Iconic Design, Kartotek Copenhagen and more. If you're looking for a daily diary that makes a statement and keeps your thoughts, activities and to-do's organised, the brands of daily diaries at Scratch and Jotter will be perfect for you.

Page Layouts

Daily diaries and planners are not all alike. Some planners split your day into an hourly schedule, plus have sections for priorities and tasks, while others are solely designed to help you manage your time. Whether you need help defining and focussing on your prioroties or simply need to manage your time, a daily diary will be the best investment for future you.