Fountain Pen Ink

So, you have finally bought that fountain pen you have been lusting after and now comes the exciting part – choosing your fountain pen ink! At Scratch & Jotter we believe that fountain pen ink is a must have for any stationery lovers’ desk.
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When it comes to fountain pen ink, we have two types available – cartridges and bottled ink. Cartridges are your best friend if you are getting into the exciting world of fountain pens. While cartridges do not come in as many whimsical colours as bottled ink, they are easy to use and are a great stepping stone for beginners. Our cartridges are also compatible with any fountain pen that uses an international short cartridge – who doesn’t love that!

Once you are confident using a cartridge, you can graduate to the sophisticated, older sister - bottled ink. Using bottled fountain pen ink is luxurious and adds a magical touch to your writing. For the traditionalists we have the beautiful range of bottled Ferris Wheel Press fountain pen ink. Available in an incredible range of vibrant hues, our bottled fountain pen ink has a vintage feel that takes us back to yesteryear.

For stationery lovers who find inspiration on their travels we also offer a range of petite charger sets. Each set is small enough to fit in your bag or pocket and has three vibrant colours to choose from when you feel inspired.

We hope you enjoy shopping from our gorgeous range of cartridges and bottled fountain pen ink. Have an incredible writing experience.

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