Fountain Pens

No matter where you are in your fountain pen journey, you’ll find oodles of fountain pens, inks, converters, accessories and kits ready to help you along the way.
We stock brands from all over the world – from Canadian confection Ferris Wheel Press, Germany’s crowd favourite Kaweco to Japanese Cult favourite for stationery addicts – Traveler’s Company.

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Fountain Pen Ink

You can also level up your fountain pen game by delving into the world of fountain pen inks.  All you need is a convertor for your fountain pen, and you have access to the rainbow of rich hues and vibrant shades from well-loved brands.

Converters and Accessories

Fountain Pen Ink converters attach to your pen and allow you to draw ink from bottles up through the nib and into the ink converter. There are different styles of ink converters available, for example the squeeze converter and the piston converter.

Kaweco is a classic fountain pen brand trusted by writers the world over. The Kaweco Perkeo range of fountain pens are perfect for just dipping your toe into the fountain pen pond.

Fountain Pen Journals and Notebooks

Fountain pen journals and notebooks are designed to show the colour and tones of the ink without feathering on the page and minimal bleed through the paper.

Fountain Pen Gift Sets

And if you’re looking for the perfect gift – there are fountain pen gift sets that will make a thoughtful and timeless present for your loved one.

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