Monthly Diary/Planner

A monthly diary or planner is the perfect tool for helping you stay on top of your schedule and goals. Armed with the right monthly planner, you’ll be ready to live intentionally and tame the chaos of everyday life. Visualising the whole month ahead with your plans, goals and tasks in mind offers invaluable clarity.
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Plan your life for the month ahead

Many of us stationery-lovers like to visualise the year in terms of months. For many of us, a month is the perfect time frame for planning – long enough to form good habits and kick little goals.

A monthly planner also gives you a clear vision on where to fit all the things that need doing –social outings, everyday errands, me-time and self-development. Never underestimate the impact that beautiful and functional stationery can have in the days, weeks and months of your life!

Monthly Diary and Planner Page Layouts

Not all monthly planners and diaries are created equal! At Scratch and Jotter, you’ll find high-quality planners to suit thinkers, dreamers and doers. Whether you need help clarifying your vision for the month or staying atop of your busy everyday life, a monthly diary is well worth investing in.

Some monthly diaries offer a minimalistic calendar view, allowing you to jot down your plans and thoughts. Others have separate sections for to-do lists and note-taking. No matter what style you choose to go for, a monthly diary is simply created to help you manage your precious time better! From a desk planner to keep you focused in the home office, to a traveler’s notebook to help you see the big picture, there’s a perfect monthly diary for everyone.

Designer Monthly Planners and Diary Brands

Browse our curated collection of monthly planners and diaries to find the perfect diary for you. Scratch and Jotter was created by the stationery-obsessed for the stationery-obsessed, offering you a selection of gorgeous and clever monthly planners to choose from. Shop your favourite brands from MiGoals to Kartotek Copenhagen and Traveler’s Company Japan.

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