Been writing most of our lives.

24 Apr, 2016

We hadn't really thought about the challenges facing our left-handed compatriots, but they deserve a wonderful writing, drawing, creative experience too.

A recent review on the Mnemosyne Imagination Notepad definitely highlighted that gap for us here. Thank you, Susie for your kind words and the "A-Ha" moment.

"Do you know how difficult is is for a left-hander to write neatly and to not have a permanent ink stamp down the side of your hand? Virtually impossible - until now. I've taken this baby to meetings and have felt so professional - and neat - and I've had admiring glances - and 'Where did you get that?' comments. Really.

Also I no longer need to turn around the spiral to the right hand side. I so very love this. So very," Susie. 

Notepads, notebooks, journals and jotters that have the spiral bind at the top, and that lay flat can be the difference between being the mayor of Smudgetown, or being able to read your own notes later.

Thanks again, Susie. We're so glad you're loving it. So very xxxxx.

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