How to Set Several Refills in your TRAVELER’S notebook with a Connecting Rubber Band

02 Jul, 2019

Combining different refills in your Traveler's Notebook expands its range of use. 

For instance, join together a diary and a sketch notebook, a notebook each for private and business use, or a diary and a record of tasks and ideas. 

Choose different refills for different uses, and combine them according to your needs. How is this done? Just use the connecting rubber bands, as shown below.

This article first appeared on the Traveler's Company website.

How to set Two Traveler's Notebook Refills

Using one CONNECTING RUBBER BAND. Put a refill between the rubber band and cover.

Set the connecting band to the refill.

Pass the second refill through the connecting band.
*CAUTION : The connecting rubber band may be cut off when you set refills by sliding the band. To prevent cutting off, please stretch a rubber band well when you set.

How to Set Three Traveler's Notebook Refills

Prepare one "connected band". Arrange the two note refills and open them on the centre page. 

Open their central pages, and bring them together back-to-back as shown above in Step 1.

Pass the connected band around the centres of the combined notebooks. 

※ Note: When setting or removing, the connection band may break due to friction with the edge of the cover of the note refill. Do not slide, please stretch and place as opposed to sliding the bands along the pages.

Set the combined notebook on the leather cover and pull out the rubber attached to the leather cover from between the notebooks. 
Put them on the leather cover and pull the original rubber band out of the chink.
Pass the third refill through the rubber attached to the leather cover. 

Pass the third refill through the original band.

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