New: Traveler's Notebook New Season Colours & Refills

17 Apr, 2016

There’s some pretty exciting news on the horizon. Traveler’s Company, in conjunction with its  10th Anniversary release, has added a new colour to the lineup, and jazzed up a few of the inserts.

In May, TRAVELER’S notebook will bestow upon Australians the permanent inclusion of a camel coloured leather cover as part of its standard lineup. Very, very, very exciting.

Introducing the Camel Traveler’s Notebook

Compared to black and brown leather used for the Traveler’s Notebooks, the camel colour will show more of that aging and change in texture and colour. If you’re a fan of the weathered, lived in look for your Traveler’s Notebook, this is going to be perfect for you.

As the team at Traveler’s Company said, “Out of the three leather colours available, camel is the colour that most reflects the characteristic of TRAVELER’S notebook.”

Not their First Rodeo

It’s not the first time Traveler’s Notebook have forayed into Camel. They released a fifth anniversary edition (can you even remember that long ago?) and a collaboration edition in the passport only.

And..that’s not all

In addition to the camel notebook, Traveler’s Company will also release camel colour Pen Holders. And to top it all off, there will be new Passport Size Refills of Sketch Paper, Lightweight Paper, and Kraft Paper will be added to the lineup of available inserts and accessories.

Following is an excerpt from the official release from Traveler’s Company. We’ll be putting these products in the store and available for pre-order as soon as we’re able. We’re expecting early to Mid-May.

TRAVELER’S Notebook Camel (Regular Size, Passport Size)

The camel coloured regular and Passport Size will be added to the standard lineup.

The Regular Size Traveler's Notebook in Camel

The Passport Size Traveler's Notebook in Camel

The same beautiful leather from Traveler's Notebook

Pen Holders & new Stick-on Pen Holders.

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