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I don't think we can express how excited we are about stocking LEUCHTTURM1917.

Where's the 1917 come from? Well, they are OLD! Really old. Like founded in 1917 old. But old doesn't mean that the colours are still in black and white. In fact, the Leuchtturm1917 rainbow of notebook colours is spectacular in it's completeness. All colours are complementary, yet the range is ever expanding. 

Search no further for where to buy your Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. We currently stock the famous Bullet Journal, and a range of hardcover and soft cover notebooks - currently in the dotted rule.

Shop the Leuchtturm1917 Range 

  • Bullet Journal
  • Hardcover Medium (A5) Notebooks - Dotted
  • Softcover B5 Notebooks - Dotted