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The TOOLS to LIVEBY Calligraphy practice notebooks are designed for users to write beautiful calligraphy, and it is also suitable for beginners who would like to learn calligraphy.

Suitable for fountain pens, calligraphy pens, pencils and brush pens. Each notebook contains high-quality fountain-pen friendly paper which is smooth to write, quick drying and not easy to smudge or feather.

Rock Your Handwriting with Calligraphy

 Each book contains some guide sheets that can be used to help you practice the movements and flourishes that make Calligraphy a timeless pursuit.

The Plain copybook contains five pages of different styles of grid paper and 80 pages of the blank. Use these five styles of grid under the paper and practice your calligraphy. This notebook is more suitable to those who are already familiar with calligraphy and hand-lettering styles.

There are 85 pages in total in each of the three styles.

Put the practice notebook sheets under the paper and practice writing along each letter. Try to follow the thickness of the letter. In the Chancery Cursive -there are arrows beside each character.

Details of the TOOLS to LIVEBY Calligraphy Practice Notebooks

  • Available in three styles of notebook which suit a different style of calligraphy or practice.
    • The Chancery Cursive
    • Handwriting 
    • The Plain 
  • 20cm x 20cm x 1cm
  • Fountain Pen Friendly
  • 85pages


Graphic designer Karen Yang opened stationery shop TOOLS to LIVEBY in a friend’s garage in Da’an District in Taipei back in 2013, and has not looked back.

After years of representing and importing various products from overseas, TOOLS to LIVEBY gradually started to design and sell their own range of products.

Using that designer’s eye and grace, the TTLB team have created a range of stationery and desk items that combine practicality and a charming aesthetic for their loyal customers worldwide.

Shop the collection of TOOLS to LIVEBY stationery, writing instruments, desk accessories and more…

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